About UNIQ

The new generation of glass balustrade profiles isn’t just called UNIQ. The clamping of the glass with a continuous clamp strip is a unique and patented innovation. This smart solution makes it absolutely impossible for the glass plate to be shaken loose by vibrations and distributes the stress on the glass evenly across the whole plate. Forget the hassle with wedges, and ugly, unwieldy rubbers are no longer necessary.


The mounting method is also unique: the profiles are secured with adjustable nuts. This ensures the glass is always straight, assembly is quick and easy and the balustrade can be mounted completely level, even on rough surfaces. The hollow design of UNIQ profiles also makes them lighter.


Unique and smart solutions that save time and money: that's UNIQ.


UNIQ provides the perfect profile for any balustrade. Suitable for assembly on or against the floor, for finished or rough concrete, steel or wood floors, and for line loads of 0.5-1-2-3 kN/m.